The Software DevLOVEper || EP - 10 || Shanmukh Jaswanth Ft. Vaishnavi Chaitanya || Infinitum Media
" The Software DevLOVEper " is a Telugu WebSeries Featuring Shanmukh Jaswanth \u0026 @Vaishnavi Chaitanya as leads.

Cast:- Shanmukh Jaswanth, @Vaishnavi Chaitanya ,Sri Vidya Palaparthi @Pruthvi Mukka , @Jhakaas Pruthvi, Sri Priya Iduri \u0026 Chandu JC .

Written \u0026 Directed by - Subbu .K

Editor:- Krishna Karthik Vunnava

Cinematography \u0026 DI - Vamshi Srinivas

Sound engineer - Vamshi Nalli
Music - Suman Vankara
Lyrics - Shanmukh Peela ( Shanz )
Singer - Varun Kasimkota

Title and poster designer - Harinath

Executive producer - Sathwik G.Roy

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  • Shanmukh Jaswanth
    Shanmukh Jaswanth

    Life has to Move on ! Mr Shannu Signing off for now ♥️


      Impressed with everything Mr. Sannu😎 And The Whole Team. You amazed me💯. I watched it with the help of subtitles ( Sometimes without ). Love the work guys❤❤❤❤

    • ADITYAEditZ

      Broo real kuda ilage unthundhi ga.endhuku bro happy ending ivvachuga 😢😢

    • Tejas

      Season 2 eappuduu broo ??

    • suresh babu
      suresh babu

      Bro pls season 2 pettandi bro pls we are waiting vaishu tho cheyandi bro mee iddari combination superrrrrrr

    • Satyanarayana Mendi
      Satyanarayana Mendi

      @MR. Crown Gaming TM ok


    This is reality. Accept and go forward pps, waiting for someone while you make your career is a bad option.

  • telugu dost
    telugu dost

    What k Subbu told us correct because this is our life if education and freindship this all should ne in our life should be a part not our life

  • Syed Imran
    Syed Imran

    Pls season 2 fast ga release cheyandi

  • vinay kathula
    vinay kathula


  • The Fiend is Here
    The Fiend is Here

    ఎప్పుడు స్టార్ట్. చేస్తారు. బాబాయ్. 😢

  • telugu dost
    telugu dost

    In love this common but who I got 😭 tears who got tears by seeing this scenes give one ☝🏼 like please

  • Chandi priya Induri
    Chandi priya Induri

    Waiting for EP 11 shannu

  • Annavarapu madhavi
    Annavarapu madhavi


  • ajay allu
    ajay allu

    I have not love in my life but full cry


    15 మిలియన్ వచ్చాయి సామి థంబ్నెయిల్ లో పెట్టండి ర

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar

    Who watched again after Surya 9th episode ???

  • Jnnj Jjjj
    Jnnj Jjjj




  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar


  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar


  • Crazyrk 007
    Crazyrk 007

    I just cry inside of my heart I will not love anyone 💔 and I do not love anyone didn't reaching my goals but brother how to say just by words hatesoff hatesoff I just really Speechless 🤐 u and u r team just killed my heart ❤ I feel so heavy in my heart I think finally u will marry both of u but this ending I will not expect that heartbreak failure moment 🥺😭 I feel cry tears in my eyes u r acting osm brother nailed it this is real acting and real short film love u brother ❤ keep doing new projects and always 💙 as a brother supporting I will give to you 🥲🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Take care and be safe all love from tamilnadu 💞 at Dharmapuri 🔥

  • Crazyrk 007
    Crazyrk 007

    Really hatesoff to u brother 💙🥺 my mother tongue is tamil I don't know u r language but I will understand with u r act u just killed it 🥺😘 osm brother I seen u r all episode's this last two I just feel heavy in my heart ❤ love u brother hatesoff to u and u r team 💙 really nailed it

  • Chithra Sargurunathan S
    Chithra Sargurunathan S

    Y we want to cry friendship is always good I AM SMRITHI

  • Kanakaratnam Syamala
    Kanakaratnam Syamala

    Waiting for next episode 11

  • Sai kiran Kiran
    Sai kiran Kiran

    Sir nest shote fliem yapudu sir


    Season-2 plz Mr.shannu we are waiting for you plz start season-2

  • Rowdy babies😎😎
    Rowdy babies😎😎

    I am really got tears... Such a amazing film ....keep rocking bro...

  • Ramesh k
    Ramesh k


  • Shesh avula
    Shesh avula

    Mr. Shannu season 2 Aepudu

  • Devender Madishetty
    Devender Madishetty

    😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭it's so emotion😭😭😭😭😭

  • shankar L
    shankar L

    Brother super

  • Alpha  Tanush
    Alpha Tanush

    Waiting for season 2

  • Rajkumar sonu YouTube channel
    Rajkumar sonu YouTube channel

    Edipinchesav shannu

  • Satyanarayana govada
    Satyanarayana govada

    ఇప్పటికి చూస్తున్న వాళ్ళు 🥰 2022 లో కూడా చూడాలి అనుకునే వాళ్ళు ఒక లైక్ వేసుకోండి 👍

  • SK

    Just finished watching all episodes of Software DevLOVEper. Subbu K, thanks for the wonderful series. Amazing Effort. Waiting for Season-2. Shanmukh Jashwanth, peak performance in Episodes 9 & 10. Vaishnavi Chaithanya, exceptional. Marvel Manohar is marvel'ous. DC Don & Harika, two thumbs up. Suman Vankara's music is pleasant.

  • Chinna Chinna
    Chinna Chinna

    I miss you Manju

  • DTFooDie

    E series chusy Shannu ki Fan ipoyanu 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🙏


    Very bad climaxe😠😠

  • RICKY@sweety FF kk
    RICKY@sweety FF kk


  • RICKY@sweety FF kk
    RICKY@sweety FF kk


  • akhileswar reddy Amarantha Rddy
    akhileswar reddy Amarantha Rddy

    I Love shannu too much

  • akhileswar reddy Amarantha Rddy
    akhileswar reddy Amarantha Rddy

    I Love shannu

  • Rohan S
    Rohan S

    Bro I m Maharashtrian ....but I just love this series ..... waiting for season 2 ....

  • Prince Durga prasad
    Prince Durga prasad

    Up coming generation is lucky they don't want to wait......

  • Yekambar Eshwar
    Yekambar Eshwar

    Software devloper Season 2 with true lovers deepthi sunaina and shannu

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak

    Abbbaaaah ye acting sir super sir season 2 kosam wait chestunnam sir

  • Veerabhadrappa Veerabhadrappa
    Veerabhadrappa Veerabhadrappa

    Shannu is an name mr shannu is an emotion,💔💔💔


    I was crydd😭 very emotional

  • Nagamani Kilari
    Nagamani Kilari

    Season 2 kosam Inka chall episodes kosam waiting valu like kotandi

  • Nagamani Kilari
    Nagamani Kilari

    No words em chepalo ardam kavtla kani shannu handsoff meku and thondarga Inka episodes teyandi waiting bro here pls do fast

  • madhusmita chumki
    madhusmita chumki

    I am so sad mr shanu

  • n r movie channel
    n r movie channel


  • Tummala Mani prabhakar
    Tummala Mani prabhakar

    Who got tears while watching the series 😢😢😢 I like this series

  • Gayi Maddula
    Gayi Maddula


  • Shalini Baby
    Shalini Baby

    Watched 100 times👍

  • desi gamer p
    desi gamer p

    It,s really emotional man

  • navinbala

    When is season 2 coming up?

  • Amutha Prasanna
    Amutha Prasanna

    Background music semmmaaa I am waiting next part2pl podungha

  • Amutha Prasanna
    Amutha Prasanna

    Different type love love faliure drinking bear and beard but very different boy super semmaaa

  • Amutha Prasanna
    Amutha Prasanna

    Lifela pain varlam but life full painna romba custom so sad

  • Amutha Prasanna
    Amutha Prasanna

    Semmaaa acting I am really crying this episode😭😭 super

  • Jeelani Jeelani
    Jeelani Jeelani

    Super shannu good story 😊😊

  • Durga sreenivas
    Durga sreenivas

    Edipinchesaru kadha shannu bro 🥺🥺

  • Nikhila

    I think next season lo Yello dress girl loves shannu

  • Anand M
    Anand M

    Sad bgm 😭🥺

  • Charan Ul
    Charan Ul

    Life teaches us to keep moving on 😥😥😥

  • suresh rongali
    suresh rongali

    All episodes complete d one night 😭😭😭

  • Chidambaram Shiva
    Chidambaram Shiva

    சொல்ல வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • K Sekar
    K Sekar

    Waiting for season 2 mr. Shannu mawa

  • live Asvc
    live Asvc

    Director subbu, u did an excellent job. Tempo baaga maintain chesav.u will prosper in life.

  • Sk Basha
    Sk Basha

    Plzzzzz upload next video shanmuk we r waiting from so many days


    Super love seens


    Nanu video chusi crying bro


    Shannu bro mii friends bon, harika and manohar lara next video's loo

  • Ajay Chikkappagari
    Ajay Chikkappagari

    Season two vundhaa.....

  • Santhosh Nri
    Santhosh Nri

    Next episode appudu vasthundhi boos

  • yadla Harikumari
    yadla Harikumari

    Super web series with all complete emotions 🙏

  • Sri Vardhini
    Sri Vardhini

    Amma baboy Soo heart touching too emotional.shanmuk you nailed it superb acting 😍

  • Rakshana Raksha
    Rakshana Raksha


    • Sai Chitti
      Sai Chitti


  • seelam saikrishna vlogs
    seelam saikrishna vlogs

    Awesome bgms ,shannu acting 👍

  • abhinav mt
    abhinav mt


  • Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰
    Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰


  • Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰
    Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰

    Madhyali enko ammai avvaru bro pedha musti dhan laga vachesthundhi

  • Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰
    Hindhi Tech money 🤑💰


  • Thunuguntla Harish
    Thunuguntla Harish

    Nenu ithe gukka petti echesanu bayyoo..

  • hello free fire players
    hello free fire players

    Begining bane vunttundhi ending e sad ga vunttundhi tears reppinchav boss

  • Miyu's World
    Miyu's World


  • Akash Varma
    Akash Varma

    Same situation na life lo kuda jarigindi anduke guys evarnyna love chesthe first cheppeyadam better ekkuva late cheyakudadhu late chese kodhi manaku expectations matrame perugutuntaayi adhi elagyna express cheyali ah ammay ki ledhante tanaki inko match Kani fix aythe , ledha inkokari pyna tanaki interest kaligite appudu manalni reject cheste ah pain mamulga undadhu barinchalem manam expectations baga peteskoni final ga tanaki asalu ne pyna feelings eh lev manam just friends ani chepte inka anthe nalaga evarki kakudahu ani korukuntuna , ah ammay ni vadulkunna tarvata malli inthavaraku oka amay kuda naku dorakaledhu calm ga na work cheskuntu busy ga unna na life lo

  • Nithya Kann
    Nithya Kann

    Such a beautiful web series❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  • Reshma Shaik
    Reshma Shaik

    Wonderful web series 👌

    • Sai Chitti
      Sai Chitti

      Avunu kada

  • Shareef Shaik
    Shareef Shaik

    Enni sarlu chusina 😭😭😭😭 Repet Exlent Series in You Tube History ❤️❤️❤️

  • kanundla pavirhta
    kanundla pavirhta

    Hiii mr. Shannu

  • hrishi gamer
    hrishi gamer

    all the 10 series are the best mr shannu


    Anna season 2 twaraga release cheyava pls anna......... We are egarly waiting your short films anna...........


      Shannu anna i am die heart fan of u anna

  • Saketh Reddy Channel
    Saketh Reddy Channel

    Not only love try anything new videos

  • Arun Kavi JS
    Arun Kavi JS

    Best♥️♥️ from tamilan

  • Jeevitha papa
    Jeevitha papa

    Anybody Tamil viewers


    Super brother



  • Kasarla Hemachandu
    Kasarla Hemachandu



    Touching heart

  • Anish A
    Anish A

    How many of u the fan of harika

  • Dark Prince
    Dark Prince

    Arey entra idhi

  • Bapan Bhatta
    Bapan Bhatta

    Oh man what an amazing series totally heart ❤ touching and relatable with my life even I'm crying at the end of last two episode 😓😓waiting for part 2 Mr. Shinnu ❤❤

  • manush reddy
    manush reddy

    Stop shooting Surya series and start season 2

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